The Whitworth School!

Whitworth School Enrollment Contract 2016-2017

Our early-entrance kindergarten through eighth grade private school in Orange, California is unique in preparing your child for success. Our classrooms are an ideal balance of personal academic instruction combined with an abundance of projects, field trips and outdoor activities.  Students become proficient in basic subjects while also enjoying music, drama, poetry and the arts. Starting with our, Beginner and Kindergarten Programs, our students are enabled with early reading and writing skills.  At the appropriate levels we introduce study skills that carry students into middle school and beyond, empowering them as lifelong learners who can learn anything they so desire.

Give us a call if any one of the following apply:

  • You feel your child wouldn’t do well in a traditional classroom setting.
  • Your child is exhibiting signs of being bored with what he/she is being taught in school.
  • Your child is gifted.
  • Your child is being held back by traditional methods.
  • Your child is in preschool but is showing signs of early advancement.
  • You want your child in an environment were he/she can move at her own pace and advance as quickly as he/she wants.

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